Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks

SIPS Lightning Talks

A lightning talk is a talk of 5 minutes (and not a second more!) in which you can pitch ideas or talk about active projects. A lightning talk can be about your research, suggestions to solve problems in the publication process, a rant on why the peer review system sucks, basically anything you can think of, as long as it fits in 5 minutes.

During the SIPS 2018 meeting, we will have several rounds of lightning talks. One round lasts one hour and contains 10 lightning talks.

Most lightning talks are arranged during the meeting, mainly (but not exclusively!) to offer people a platform to inform the rest of us where they stand with their hack-a-thons, or what the results were of an unconference session.

Submission Instructions

Interested presenters can schedule their own lightning talk via a Google spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will go live roughly a week before the meeting and during the meeting itself. Please email Michèle Nuijten ( with questions.