Info Email #1

Info Email #1

May 30, 2019

Dear SIPS 2019 Attendees,

We are very much looking forward to the upcoming #SIPS2019 conference in Rotterdam. Many of you are first-time SIPS attendees, and we hope you are excited rather than nervous. Each one of you has something to contribute to our task at the meeting, even if you’re not sure yet that you do. We can’t wait to get started! Please feel free to keep using the official hashtag #SIPS2019 to communicate with one another in the days leading up to the meeting on Twitter.

This email contains a call for volunteers at the meeting, as well as a few pieces of information. We will be sending you additional details (including the final schedule) in about two weeks. If you proposed a session then you should already have received an acceptance notification by now, but if you are still waiting for a decision, please let Tom Hardwicke ( know.

Volunteers: We need volunteers for several tasks at the meeting, including staffing the registration desk, monitoring a secured elevator, and helping direct attendees to meeting rooms. You can volunteer for a particular time slot (30 or 60 minute period), by visiting the volunteer schedule. Every 30 (or more) minutes you can spend is really helpful.

Webstreaming: Over 500 of you are registered to attend the meeting (wow!). Most sessions will take place in small groups of 10-50 people, but the opening plenary session will be broadcast from one large room (holding about 300) to another nearby large room (holding everyone else). We need a volunteer who has experience with this sort of streaming to help us figure out the technical aspects of this broadcast. Preferably this would be someone from nearby to Rotterdam who could be available before the conference to do a test setup. Please reach out to Anita Eerland ( if you are willing to help in this capacity.

Code of Conduct: All SIPS attendees agree to follow the code of conductdescribed here: Should you need to report a violation of the code, you can follow the steps described in the code, or you can report electronically here:

SIPS-Sibs: Over 400 of you have joined the SIPS-Sibs scheme! This initiative pairs a “veteran” (previous SIPS attendee) with a “newbie” (first time attendee) to serve as a point of contact and information source for navigating the meeting. We are pleased to have so many willing participants but unfortunately we have an imbalance of “veterans” and “newbies”. If there are any potential veterans out there who have not already signed up and would like to, please contact Julia Bottesini ( by 7th June.

Mentor Lunch: And over 400 of you have signed up for the mentor lunch scheme! We have an imbalance here too (more mentees than mentors), so if there are any potential mentors out there who have not already signed up and would like to, please contact Cristina Baciu ( by 7th June. Please note, mentors and mentees each pay their own way for lunch, so there is no additional cost to participating as a mentor.

Conference Opening Events: The official start of the conference is 1 pm on Sunday, July 7, with the conference registration desk opening at 12:30 pm. We will have an introduction to SIPS session for first-time attendees beginning at 1 pm. Additionally, attendees can retrieve their badges on Saturday (July 6) from 4-6 pm in the lobby of the Marriott. We are also planning an informal meet-up (or meet-ups) in Rotterdam on Saturday evening (July 6), beginning around 7 pm. There will be a chance to say hello to other attendees and socialize. Details about this event will be included in our next email, but for now, please save the date.

Conference Dinner: As indicated when you registered, there will be a conference dinner on Monday, July 8 at Aloha. Unfortunately, the venue has a capacity of 460 people. The organizing team ultimately decided to allow registration up to our meeting room capacity (525) rather than the dinner venue capacity (460), in order to allow more people to participate in the meeting. Typically, most people attend this dinner, but a small number (5-10% of the registrants) are not able to attend. A capacity of 460 means we are unable to accommodate all 525 registrants at the dinner, but we hope to include nearly everyone who can and wants to attend. At this time, our plan is to issue tickets for dinner to the first 460 registrants to the conference. If you are unable to attend the dinner, you can return your dinner ticket to the registration desk, and we will then redistribute these tickets to later registrants. Please feel free to direct any questions about the dinner to Katie Corker at

T-Shirts: Is there a local person in the Netherlands who would like to be responsible for finding a screen printer for t-shirts, as well as bringing those shirts to SIPS? We have designs, order quantities, and funds ready to go to help you. We just need someone to take the lead on organizing this (always beloved) part of the meeting. Please reach out to Anita Eerland ( if you are willing to help in this capacity.

Bring Your Own Lanyard: To save on waste, we ask participants to bring their own lanyard from any other conference to the meeting. A style with two clips is recommended, but not required. We will have some extra lanyards on hand in case you forget or don’t have one, but each person who brings their own reduces our overall waste by quite a lot!

Name Badges at SIPS: We expect that conference participants will wear their badges at all times. Meeting venue staff need this identification to be able to tell who is part of our group.

Media: Several professional journalists are registered to attend SIPS, and many of our attendees do other forms of journalism (blogging, live tweeting). Journalists of all stripes should identify themselves as such when interacting with conference participants. Conference presenters should explicitly state if they want to go off the record during their presentations. When in doubt, communicate with one another and get consent to tweet or quote.

Conclusion: As mentioned above, we plan to send you more details, including the final conference schedule, in about two weeks. Until then, please reach out with any questions to


Logistics Chair: Anita Eerland

Programming Chair: Tom Hardwicke

Meeting Support: Katie Corker