Info Email #2

Info Email #2

June 17, 2019

Dear SIPS 2019 Attendees,

This email contains important information about the SIPS 2019 schedule, session landing pages, lightning talks, SIPS Slack, guidance for session leaders, and plans for the social event on Saturday evening. Please read carefully.

SIPS 2019 Schedule

We’re pleased to announce the full SIPS 2019 schedule. We had a terrific response to our two calls for session proposals, and we have a great line up prepared for you, including 25 workshops, 25 unconferences, 22 hackathons, and 3 pre-study poster sessions. And that’s not all! One of the great features about the SIPS conference is that many slots are left open for on-the-fly programming during the conference itself. This year there are 58 available slots waiting to be filled. Learned some new skills during a workshop? Had an inspiring discussing during an unconference? Why not propose a hack-a-thon session to put these things into action! We’ll send you more information soon about how the on-the-fly programming will work during the conference.

Session landing pages

If you want to know more about any of the sessions in the schedule, just click on the cell and a link will appear. Follow the link, and you will reach a Google Doc – a dedicated “landing page” for that session. The landing page contains descriptive information about the session (title, leaders, abstract, prerequisites, etc) and will also serve as the central organisational nexus during sessions. Here you can find a link to a dedicated Slack channel for the session, where you can chat with other SIPSers before, during, and after the session (see below). You can also find links to any working documents generated during the session and a link to an OSF project where session documents and resources will be preserved after the session is over.

Lightning talks

One week before the conference we will release an open call for lightning talk proposals. Lightning talks are brief 5-minute presentations where you can share all kinds of ideas with the SIPS community, get feedback, and find collaborators. You could talk about a problem you think needs solving, or perhaps a solution you have already thought of; you could briefly present the findings of a research project, or share a perspective on improving psychological science that you think needs voicing. We’ll be in touch soon with information on how to propose a lightning talk.


This year we are experimenting with the free messaging tool Slack to help with communication before, during, and after the conference. Please follow this link to join the SIPS 2019 Slack. Once you have done so, you can follow the links on session landing pages to a dedicated Slack channel for each session. You can use this tool to generate ideas or organise materials prior to the session, coordinate with each other during sessions, and stay in touch when sessions are over. Want to tell the attendees of an unconference that you have organised a related hackathon for the following day? Just drop them all a message in the relevant Slack channel! If you need help getting started with Slack, see here.

Guidance for session leaders

[n.b. – current session leaders you should already have been contacted directly by the Programming Committee with a link (with edit permissions) to your session landing page. If you’ve not heard from us yet, please get in touch]

Session leaders and future session leaders! You are the heart and soul of SIPS and we want to do everything we can to help you run successful workshops, unconferences, and hackathons. We have prepared a guidance document for you with lots of hints and tips for your session. It is particularly important that you read the information about your responsibilities for maintaining your session landing page. These pages represent the core information points that will help attendees find out what your session is about and find all relevant resources and materials during your session. Please do let us know if you have questions or if there is something we can help with.

Social Event Saturday Evening

The official start of the SIPS 2019 conference is 1 pm on Sunday, July 7. However, many of you will already be in Rotterdam before that, so we’ve organized a social event on Saturday, July 6, starting at 7pm. This event will be a chance to say hello to other attendees and socialize. The location of this social event is the brand new cafe Fontein (‘Fountain’, address: Hofplein 19), close to the ‘Hofpleinfontein’ and within a 10-minute walk from Rotterdam Central Station/Engels/the Marriott. We’re looking forward to welcoming you all! NB. Because we tried to keep the conference fees as low as possible, drinks/snacks are on your own.


We still need many volunteers for several tasks at the meeting, including staffing the registration desk, monitoring a secured elevator, and helping direct attendees to meeting rooms. You can volunteer for a particular time slot (30 or 60 minute period), by visiting the volunteer schedule. Every 30 (or more) minutes you can spend is really helpful.


If you have any questions about the programming, Slack or guidance for session leaders, feel free to reach out to Tom Hardwicke ( or @Tom_Hardwicke on Twitter). We intend to send one more pre-SIPS email with last minute details, but nonetheless we will see you soon in Rotterdam!


Logistics Chair: Anita Eerland

Programming Committee: Tom Hardwicke, Michèle Nuijten, Randy McCarthy

Meeting Support: Katie Corker