Info Email #3

Info Email #3

July 3, 2019

Dear SIPS 2019 Attendees,

We’re so excited to see you all soon! This email contains important information about registration, the conference dinner, mentor lunches, lightning talks, access to the venues, room setup, volunteers, a reminder to bring your own lanyard, on the fly programming, and a brief guide to your first day at SIPS.

Key Reminders –

1. Please note, no outside food is allowed at the meeting. If you need to take a snack break, feel free to step outside to one of the many nearby cafes or the train station.

2. Don’t forget to bring your own lanyard. (This is the cord that holds your nametag.)

3. We still need volunteers, especially for ‘elevator duty’!!! Please see details below and sign up for a 30 minute shift.

4. Some lightning talk time slots are now open! See details below.

5. You do not have to sign up in advance to attend any sessions. On the fly programming (to sign up to create sessions) is described in detail below.


It’s possible to claim your badge in advance on Friday, July 5, from 8:30-9:30am at Engels, on Saturday, July 6, from 8-9am at Engels, and from 4-6pm at the Marriott. We’d like to encourage everyone who is in Rotterdam before the conference to make use of these registration possibilities to avoid the hustle and bustle from Sunday onwards (registration is at Engels throughout the remainder of the conference).

Conference dinner

Our conference dinner will be on Monday, July 8 at Aloha. As communicated before, the venue has a capacity of 460 people. The organizing team ultimately decided to allow registration up to our meeting room capacity (525) rather than the dinner venue capacity (460), in order to allow more people to participate in the meeting. The first 460 registrants will receive a conference dinner voucher upon registration. If you received a conference dinner voucher but are unable to attend, please hand over your voucher at the registration/information desk at Engels for redistribution. If you did not receive a voucher, please check back at the registration/information desk to see if there are vouchers available.

When attending the conference dinner, please make sure to arrive at Aloha no later than 7:20pm. It’s about a 30 minute walk from Engels/the Marriott. Alternatively, you can take the tram (21 or 24, both in the direction of “De Esch”) from Rotterdam Central Station to Oostplein (11 minutes). From there it’s a 7 minute walk to Aloha. Also, make sure to bring your voucher to Aloha to receive two tokens (= two free drinks) in return.

If you run out of free drinks, it’s possible to pay with credit/debit card (NOT: American Express or cash) for any additional drinks. The last round will be around 9:45pm as they will close by 10pm. According to the weather forecast, we can have dinner outside overlooking the Maas 🙂

Mentor lunches

On Monday, July 8 there will be an organized mentor lunch. Those who signed up, either as mentor or mentee, will receive a lunch box voucher upon registration. With this voucher you’ll receive a free lunch box at Engels that you can use either in one of the rooms at Engels or anywhere outside (note: there’s a nice park, the Vroesenpark, nearby). If you listed any dietary wishes when registering for SIPS, we took those wishes into account for the lunch boxes.

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are 5 minute presentations where you can quickly share ideas and perspectives on any topic within the umbrella theme of ‘improving psychological science’. There are five lightning talks sessions across the conference (always in the room Willem-Alexander, Engels), each with time slots for five talks. We will send out links to schedules for each session, and you can edit the schedule directly to claim your slot. The schedules for Tuesday will be released during the Day Warm Up Session on Monday morning (9.00-9.30 in Beatrix, Engels). The schedules for Monday will be released during the Welcome to SIPS Orientation Session on Sunday (13.00-13.45 in Beatrix). You can sign up for Sunday slots now here.

Any questions concerning the lightning talks can be sent to Emily Kothe (

Access to venues

On Monday and Tuesday, the conference will take place at two venues, Engels and the Marriott. The rooms at the Marriott are only accessible by elevator. To make sure you’ll be given access to the elevator and the conference rooms, please wear your name tag. This will make it easier for volunteers at the elevator to recognize you as a SIPS participant.

Room setup

All rooms at Engels and the Marriott that we’ll use for our conference will be equipped with a projector, screen, and a flip chart for taking notes. Session leaders will have to use their own laptop if needed.


We still need many volunteers for several tasks at the meeting, including staffing the registration desk, monitoring a secured elevator, and helping direct attendees to meeting rooms. You can volunteer for a particular time slot (30 or 60 minute period), by visiting the volunteer schedule. Every 30 (or more) minutes you can spend is really helpful.

Bring your own lanyard

Please remember to bring your own lanyard from any other conference to the meeting to save on waste. A style with two clips is recommended, but not required. We will have some extra lanyards on hand in case you forget or don’t have one, but each person who brings their own reduces our overall waste by quite a lot!

On the fly programming

You may have noticed that there are many “available” slots in the live conference agenda. This is by design – those slots are waiting to be filled during the conference itself. During the Welcome to SIPS Session (Sunday 13.00-13.45 in Beatrix) will we release a link that you can use to submit session proposals at any time during the conference. The link will also be posted in the live agenda. Towards the end of each day, the programming committee will allocate proposed sessions to time slots for the following day and notify session leaders.

Your first day at SIPS

Once you’ve registered and gotten your name tag, what on earth happens next?? We strongly recommend attending the “Welcome to SIPS and orientation” session on Sunday 13.00-13.45 in Beatrix (Engels building) where we’ll be sharing important information about the workings of the conference. There are so many of us this year that we won’t all fit in the same room! But you can watch a live video stream in Willem-Alexander or Claus (Engels building). After the welcome session, head over to your first workshop, unconference, or hackathon. Feel free to wander around and check out different sessions. On the Sunday there is a break at 15.15 – but there’s still plenty to do! Grab a coffee, have a chat, browse SIPS Slack for announcements and session updates, check out the pre-study posters on display in Beatrix or the lightning talks in Willem-Alexander. After the break, head back to your session, or check out a new one. At 17.15 Jack Arnal will lead the opening plenary session – a good chance to get to know each other! At 18.00, the day is over. You could make dinner plans with friends, meet up with SIPS Sibs, or just take some time to recover! There’s always plenty to do at SIPS – it’s not the end of the world if you didn’t get to do everything you wanted on your first day – you still have two full days left to explore!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Rotterdam in less than a week!

Logistics Chair: Anita Eerland

Programming Committee: Tom Hardwicke, Michèle Nuijten, Randy McCarthy

Meeting Support: Katie Corker