SIPS 2022 will be an action-oriented meeting, serving our mission to improve psychological science. The meeting will focus on initiating and conducting projects. In other words: very little passive listening to talks, but instead getting your hands dirty and immediately starting to improve psychological science!

The 2022 Program is now live!

We hope you’ll join us, either in-person or online, for a dynamic agenda of workshops, hackathons, and unconference sessions. There’s still time to register at the regular rate! Click here to start. Modality swaps are allowed through May 28, and virtual registration ends June 19.

This year SIPS is going hybrid! That means that most of the conference attendees will participate remotely via Zoom, but some will join from the conference center in Victoria, BC, Canada. The landing pages for each session will confirm the ability of remote participants to join onsite sessions.

Want to present a lightning talk or pre-data poster, or organize a roundtable session? Submit your proposal on or before June 13, 2022.

All in-person meeting attendees are expected to abide by our code of conduct, and all virtual attendees are expected to abide by the additional meeting rules.