Social Events

Social Events

SIPS 2021 kicks off, socializing-wise, with a no-host get-together from 7:00pm on Tuesday June 22 in the square of “Piazza dei Signori”, in the center of town. The “piazza” is full of bars. In June all bars have outdoor sits on the “piazza”.

Piazza dei Signori in the winter. In June, the bars of the piazza will fill the space with tables and chairs.

Facing the clock tower, look for a sit in one of the bars on the left. We will not have exclusive use of the bar(s), but if folks show up in a reasonably timely manner (Italians usually arrive later), we will take it over. Bars serve all types of beverages and serve food too. Of course, you can ask for a “spritz”.

Spritz is the local aperitif (like in all the North-East of Italy). Although nowadays you can drink spritz also in NY city, spritz was actually “invented” here in the North-East of Italy. Originally it was simply white-wine and soda. The legend says that during the Austrian domination, the bars were serving water and soda to Austrian soldiers so that soldiers did not get too drunk. In fact “spritzen” (the closest translation is “to add soda”) is a German word. It is only after WW2 that spritz became red (or reddish). Padova and Venezia used to be the two cities were you could find the red spritz. The red color is given by (listed from bitter to sweet), Campari, Select (more venetian) or Aperol (sweet). Nowadays, like for many products, you can find also some independent producers of Campari-like spirits. Aperol is actually a “local” product. Aperol was invented in Padova in 1919 and the Aperol factory was based in Padova up to a few years ago.

We are also planning a conference dinner (a buffet), tentatively scheduled for Thursday evening of the conference. More details to come.