Travel and Hotels

Travel and Hotels

Onset and offset

[Tentative plan, dates and times to be confirmed later] SIPS 2023 kicks off (tentatively) at 1:00pm on Thursday, June 22 (social, informal kick off, the day before at 7:00pm, in Piazza dei Signori, see “Social Events”) and will end Saturday, June 24 at 5:00pm.

Meeting Location

Like many old universities, the University of Padova doesn’t have a main campus. The university’s sites are spread around Padova and even the cities close by. SIPS 2023 will be hosted by the School of Psychology, located in Via Venezia, 8. The venue is 1.8 km east of the city center (15 min walk) and 1.4 km east of the Padova train and bus station (10 min walk). There is no free parking available and public parking is limited. The nearest parking garage is Mantegna Car Park (behind the NH Hotel, see Accommodations). We suggest to walk to the venue or arrive by bus. There is a bus stop in front of the School of Psychology and hotels are also close, all at walking distance (see Accommodations).

The main buildings of the School of Psychology


All area and buildings of the School of Psychology are accessible to persons with impaired motor abilities.

Where to stay in Padova?

Padova is a fairly popular tourist spot. Therefore, we recommend to book your accommodation as early as possible. We also recommend to stay close to the venue for several reasons: 

  1. You will be close to SIPS 🙂 
  2. The old town is only a 15 min walk away
  3. In the summer, the area around the venue is alive & kicking. There are several bars along the city canal (google “navigli Padova”) and there is the pride village which is open from Wednesday to Saturday night. 
  4. If you arrive in Venice or Treviso airport and you get the bus to arrive to Padova (see Travel to Padova), the bus stops right in front of the School of Psychology.


There are three hotels (two big and more expensive ones, one smaller and cheaper) within walking distance from the venue. Also within walking distance, there is a guesthouse, owned by the university, that offers studios and small apartments.


  • Hotel NH 4* is 350 m from the School and has 190 double rooms. Prices are likely to be about 104 € per person/night (single room).
  • Hotel Galileo 4* is 350 m from the School and has 113 rooms of various sizes. Prices are likely to be about 80 € per person/night (single room).
  • Hotel alla Fiera 3* is 450 m from the School and has 15 rooms. Prices are likely to be about 55 € per person/night (single room).


The guesthouse “La nave” is owned by the university and has a few studios with a kitchen corner. It can be used for short term stay. “La nave” can host up to 25 persons, it has 17 single studios (with kitchen corner), 2 double studios (with kitchen corner) and prices starts from 48 euro/day. Prices are cheaper for longer periods and for double studios.

More info here (in Italian only), or contact the guesthouse directly:

Other accommodations

Of course, you are free to look for other accommodations (e.g., Airbnb, bed and breakfasts) close to the School or downtown. If you book an accommodation in the very center of Padova, you are likely to walk about 20 minutes to reach the School.

Travel to Padova

By train

We encourage people to consider traveling by train (rather than plane) to the conference. The Padova train station is only a 10 min walk from the venue. To get to the venue, when you leave the station, point East (i.e., left) and keep walking for 100/150 meters. You will pass by the bus station (on your left) then you will find Via Niccolo Tommaseo. Keep going East along Via Niccolo Tommaseo. After 1 km, via Niccolo Tommaseo changes name and becomes Via Venezia. When it does, you are at the School of Psychology. Alternatively, you can get bus 7 or 10 (ask the driver to drop you at the “EX FIAT”, this is the name of the stop). You can buy tickets in any tobacconist. 

By plane

The two closest airports to Padova are Venezia (VCE) and Treviso (TSF; mainly used by low-cost airlines). From both airports, the easiest way to Padova is by bus (BusItalia Veneto). This will take you about 65/70 minutes, cost about 10 €, and busses go every 30 minutes. You can buy the ticket at the airport.

If you are staying close to the venue, take the bus to Padova from the airport (“il bus per Padova per favore”). When on the bus, ask at the bus driver to alert you when the bus stops at the “EX FIAT” (this is the name of the bus stop) It is about a one hour drive, so sit back and relax. They will leave you in a quite busy street, Via Venezia. In front of you, on the other side of the street, the buildings of the School of Psychology. At walking distance the NH Hotel (do not cross and walk right), the Galileo hotel (cross and walk left), and the Hotel alla Fiera (cross and walk right). If you opted for “La Nave”, cross the street and keep right, walk straight for 150 meter, cross the bridge and keep walking straight for 150 m. “La Nave” is on your right.

You could also take a taxi from the airport to the city of Padova. Shuttle service is provided by Air Service, costs about 35 €, and should be reserved online before your arrival or departure. 

Attractions in Padova

Padova is an ancient city, with a fairly large old town center. The first recommendation is to have a walk around the city center and enjoy the squares, in particular those with the morning market: Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza della Frutta, Piazza dei Signori.

Here is a list of interesting sites you may want to visit.

  • The Bo Palace is the historical seat of the university and located in central Padova. Constructed in 1493, it contains the oldest anatomical theater in the world (visited only in guided tours) and a statue of Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia, the first woman to obtain a college degree (in 1678).

  • Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta are two market squares divided by the Palazzo della Regione, constructed in 1219 and believed to have the largest roof unsupported by columns in Europe.

  • The Basilica of Saint Anthony is about 1 km south of the town center and is an important destination for many pilgrims. It contains many artifacts of religious importance and works by major artists such as a series of statues by Donatello.

  • The “Cappella degli Scrovegni”, a small chapel that is located within the public park “Giardini dell’Arena” that is completely painted by Giotto. According to some, it is the Sistine Chapel of the middle age.

  • The “Orto Botanico”, the oldest botanic garden in Europe, is owned by the University. We hope to have our social dinner there.

Attractions close to Padova


The easiest way to go to Venezia is by train. The train station is at 10 minutes walking distance from the School. The train to Venezia (there is at least one every half an hour) takes from 25 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the train and number of stops. The best value for money option is to look for a “regionale veloce” (RV) train which is cheap (less than 5 euro one way) and fast. You can also go by bus. The bus stop is next to the School of psychology. 



On average, June is spanning from “lovely” to “hot” and you are expected to wear a t-shirt from beginning to end, day and night. As we all know, mean and variance go together, therefore, occasionally you may have summer storms (and temperature may drop to “just slightly chilly at night”), or temperature can raise to “scorchy-hot”. By the end of the SIPS meeting the local committee will provide a 100% accurate post hoc description of the weather around the very spot of the School of Psychology 🙂
Stats: the average temperature in June is around 21 degrees Celsius (70 Fahrenheit) with an average high temperature of 27 degrees. The average rainfall is 86 mm.


Some may find the temperature hot in some places. Remember: Italians are hot therefore “we like it hot”: we do use air conditioning, but also do not exaggerate.

Food, Drinks, & Nightlife


We know what you are thinking: “we are in Italy, we are safe!”. Well, this is true (partly), but Padova is definitely not the best place for food within the region and within Italy. That said, you’ll eat sufficiently well in any place with a few spots we would like to recommend. Vegetarian options should be always available. Vegan options too, but it is better to ask. Ok, let’s start from simple bars. Bars usually offer a good selection of food that ranges from sandwiches “tramezzini” to salads and to more elaborated food such as pasta etc. In general, bar owners and waiters are friendly with customers that do not speak Italian. If you fancy a local meal (i.e., regional recipes) we recommend the following places “Anfora”, “Nane della Giulia”, “La Sofia”, or “Osteria ai Fabbri”. But, if you are really, really, really into food, you should know that 5 km out of Padova, there is a ☆☆☆ Michelin restaurant: Le Calandre. The price is ☆☆☆ too 🙂


Do you know Aperol spritz? It was invented here. But you can have spritz also with Campari (bitter) or Select (just slightly more bitter than Campari). Wine is also popular. Good places for drinking are “All’ombra della Piazza” (spritz/wine), “Enoteca tirabuchon” (wine only) or “Enoteca da Severino” (wine only). Spritz is served by any bar and prices range from 3 euro to 5 depending on the bar. Bars in the center (but also many of those close to the venue) have usually a fairly good wine list. Of course, all types of soft drinks are available.

For caffeine addicts, if you really want to have a good Italian coffee, we recommend two places: the Caffetteria Manin (via Daniele Manin 56) and the bar in Via Santa Lucia 9. In both places you will find no sits, no tables. Just have your coffee the Italian way: standing at the bar.


In Italy you don’t have to give tips. You can, if you want to, but it is perfectly polite to leave a restaurant with no tips. Instead, restaurants usually charge you a little fee (called “coperto”), which is often mentioned in the menu.


The school of psychology is very close to two of the main nightlife spots: the “navigli” and the “pride village”. The “Navigli” are a series of kiosks you’ll find along the canal Piovego, the canal close to the School. They open in the afternoon and close at night. University students go there. Do not expect high quality of food and (sometimes) beverages but definitely a large crowd. The school is also close to the pride village, the summer event of the local gay community. The pride village opens in late spring and ends at the end of the summer. The village is only 200 meters away from the School. Inside you’ll find places to eat, drink and, in addition to bars, there are usually two dance floors where you can dance up to very late. The entrance is free up to a certain time of the day (check the website). Of course, you may want to have a drink in one of the piazza of the city center. However, local regulations force the bar of the center to shut down at midnight.